Elecrostatic Air Operated Mobile Sprayer

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Ideal for maintenance and disinfection of large areas.

High-end electrostatic spraying technology will effectively coat and wrap around all surfaces and save up to 35% of disinfectant cost, in a fraction of time compared to conventional cleaning methods. Broad spectrum: effective on almost all varieties of bacteria, viruses, fungi.

This Electrostatic Mobile Spraying Machine must be powered by an air compressor, supplied by others. Compressor specs: 1.5KW, with flow rate of 140L, under the pressure of 8bar.

Volume of spray: 20-500 cc/min. Spraying distance: 20-30 cm. (8” – 12”). Shipping size: 130 x 110 x 63 cm. 65 kgs. (51”x 43” x 25”) 143lbs. The digital electronic controller is an electrostatic design to provide the best gun performance in any condition.

The spray gun body is made of durable plastic. The stainless steel nozzle is ideally suited for our disinfectant solutions and also allows for a diverse choice of other disinfectant solutions, providing they are not too concentrated. Please check with the us.


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