Electrostatic Backpack Sprayer


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Premium heavy-duty electrostatic sprayer provides complete wrap-around even coverage for maximum disinfection; no over-spray or wasted solution


Durable, long-lasting, effective. 40 liter capacity; we recommend using 15-20 litres for a lighter carrying load.


Ideal for large outdoor applications, public areas, crops, vineyards, farms, etc. Broad spectrum: effective on almost all varieties of bacteria, viruses, fungi. Electrostatically charged ultra-fine mist particles completely envelope small hard-to reach areas, including underside and backside.


The sprayer is made of very durable polypropylene, which is environmentally friendly. Choice of handheld sprayers and manual or battery drives. Our nozzle is of high strength plastic, which can be used with our PUROXI OB or Nano-Silver disinfectant solution.

Battery-driven sprayer can be powered by various battery models, which dictates the time of use before recharging. 3A charger with UL certification is included.



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