Whether it is washing teats, cleaning the machines or hosing out yards, water plays a key role in all dairy farms. Without water there is no Dairy. If water is that important, it is equally as important to note that the quality of that water is critical to your operation.

Cleaning & disinfecting are imperative to maintain the well-being and health of high-producing animals, such as dairy cows. This is especially the case in intense modern housing where higher density and productivity increase the stress & predisposition of infection. Thorough cleaning & adapted disinfection decrease the pathogen level which prevents or breaks the cycle of disease.

Oxy Blast is a unique water treatment & purification system that has been around for many years. Our “Premium Quality” hydrogen peroxide based product is not only stabilized to give it better efficacy, it also has a proprietary formulation and is custom-made to fit your water needs. Our product helps disinfect and keep your plumbing clean and unplugged. With the addition of our stabilizer you will see long-lasting efficacy, and protection for your pipes against corrosion. It also helps bind and tie up contaminants, while softening your water approximately 25%.

Dairies have reported many advantages & benefits over the years, however, each farm has its own unique challenges and there are many factors involved which will determine our recommendations and affect the success of our product. Oxy Blast will clean your plumbing, keep your water disinfected, and it will naturally help with your cow’s health, since water is the most consumed item on a dairy. It creates a washing and flushing process throughout the cow’s entire system, cleaning and flushing the body to help give your cow optimal health. It is also an important NUTRIENT.

Contributing factors that can hinder or affect our product are: stray voltage, micro toxins, molds in feed, hygiene, and equipment up-keep and of course good management. Bacteria are everywhere: in soil, in water, on animals and on humans. The purpose of disinfection is to decrease infection pressure and thus decrease disease prevalence. Choosing the disinfectant adapted to each specific situation leads to effective prevention and a profitable dairy farm. Remember, bacteria and contaminants “do not take vacations”, so continuous disinfection is the best protocol you can use.

If you could disinfect, keep your plumbing clean and free from blockage, and see clean water and better health as a result, would that be of benefit to your dairy? If so our product is definitely your answer!

We start out with a water analysis based on an independent water report. You see, we have to know what you need before we can give you any advice! We then give you our recommendations and pricing; you make a decision that is right for you and we install the product.

The first thing you will see is clean water. If you have color, we might suggest some filtration; if 25% softening is not enough, we might recommend a softener. We’re here to help you.

Each system is specifically designed for you, to create clean ~ clear ~ nutritional water for you and your cows.

Dairies all over the world have reported some of the benefits listed below. We are not making any wide-ranging or extensive claims, however, we feel that we can address your weakest links. If you have a fantastic somatic cell count, for example, we are definitely not going to be able to help you with that. However, when we look at the problems associated with your weakest links, you will see improvements in those areas. The most important process that our product does is to supply increased oxygen levels in the body, thus making the hemoglobin’s capacity to carry nutrients to the blood more effective. The actual benefits will depend on your own unique conditions.

Dairy Producers Report:

  • Increased milk yields; peaks are longer
  • Lowered somatic cell counts
  • Increased butterfat content
  • Reduced retained placentas
  • Helps reduce scours in new-born calves
  • Increased levels of colostrum after calving
  • Reduced incidences of mastitis
  • Improved hoof health
  • Better digestion
  • Healthier calves
  • Can be applied topically to hairy warts
  • Effective treatment for mastitis
  • Removes milk-stone from pipeline
  • Improved, easier, and more efficient conception rates
  • Stronger heat cycles; less delayed
  • Lower medication and vet bills
  • Lower cases of sub-clinical and clinical mastitis
  • Helps with breeding problems associated with uterine infections
  • Oxygen flood for immune system buildup
  • Less peaks and valleys as a result of optimum health

Remember, these are the different claims from Dairies around the world, based on their own unique results and experiences. All water is different; every environment is different; every feed ration is different; and of course, every dairyman and how he runs his operation is different. We cannot guarantee you will see any specific result listed above. But what we can guarantee is that you will have clean ~ clear ~ nutritional water, to begin with, in a very short time. Then your cows will be drinking the healthy, nutritional water and as a result you will see health benefits from that alone. Then the raising the oxygen levels will further contribute to their overall health.

If this makes sense to you, please give us a call; we would love to have you as a customer.