What is Puroxi water treatment?

As you may know, our company prides itself in using a base of premium quality hydrogen peroxide for our product … H2O (water) + O (oxygen) = H2O2. We take a water analysis that is evaluated by a Certified Water Technician. After evaluation, we adjust the chemistry of your water to make it more effective.

What we do is unique and quite effective in many ways. Puroxi water treatment is made with a base of the highest quality H2O2, which is a very effective, safe, and natural product. We then blend it with our very own stability package, and additional ingredients custom-made for your water treatment package. It is generally accepted that H2O2 [ H2O (water) + O (oxygen) ] is as natural a formula as you can find.

Puroxi water treatment is specifically formulated to treat your water. However, it seems that customers are using it for treating all types of problems of stemming from untreated water. While we are making no specific claims, we can confidently attest that customers using clean ~ clear ~ nutritional water accomplish results in many areas.

All living things need oxygen and water to survive, so it just makes sense that improving their quality also improves their effectiveness. Using more natural effective products is vital for a sustainable future in agriculture.

The premium stabilized hydrogen peroxide in Puroxi Water Treatment is a natural product found in the rain, snow, oceans and lakes. Being naturally available in the rain makes this a very attractive product, since rain enhances the natural growth of all growing crops. The combined efforts of hydrogen and oxygenation are what make rain the best form of hydrogen for all irrigation and farming operations.

  • Puroxi water treatment is safe, readily available and very economical.
  • Puroxi water treatment comes in 34% and 50% concentration. Complete information and application guidelines will accompany your product.
  • Puroxi water treatment gives more oxygen to the water, which helps plants.
  • Plants sprayed with Puroxi water treatment seem to have an improved immune system and stay healthy for their entire life-cycle. After all, all we are doing is treating water with the same substance that occurs in nature – does the rain hurt your plants?
  • All crops can gain some benefit from Puroxi water treatment.
  • Can be applied with other fertilizers or weed applications
  • Benefits all crops by adding oxygen
  • Helps keep water tanks clean
  • Helps keep sprayers clean – no more plugged nozzles
  • Can help to reduce or even eliminate the need for AMS (ammonium sulfate) depending on the hardness of water and the weather conditions
  • Will soften the water approximately 25%

Additional Features & Benefits: (based on reports & observations from our customers)

Puroxi water treatment is such a versatile product that can be applied using multiple methods while still maintaining its effectiveness.


Converting Crop Residue into Feed

Hydrogen peroxide has also been used in converting crop residue into cattle feed. This could be an asset to the farmer, especially in times of drought. It is possible to use straw, corn stalks, corn cobs, soybean residue, and even sawdust of ground up brush. By treating these materials with a weak solution of hydrogen peroxide, they can be turned into animal feed (U.S. Dept. of Agriculture at Peoria, ILL).

We make no unsubstantiated claims or promises other than what our customers are telling us. Our product has not been tested or registered to make any definitive claims. However, we can tell you that we are treating water with a product whose formulation is H2O (water) + O (oxygen) = H2O2, which is quite natural, as well as safe, when applied at the recommended rates. We and all of our customers worldwide believe that it is beneficial, and that it will enhance many things for the user.

If this makes sense to you, please give us a call; we would love to have you as a customer.