We are a company that specializes in water treatment for agriculture including dairy, beef cattle/feedlots, hogs, poultry, horses, sheep, goats, and gardens/greenhouses. It all starts with an independent water report because every water is different and has its’ own fingerprint. Our certified water technicians will evaluate each water report and give you recommendations according to the Canadian health standards and then fine tuned for the specific application. Not every animal is the same and water should be addressed accordingly.

Water is the single most consumed nutrient on a farm and the quality of water can play a huge role on how well other nutrients are taken up into the body. Our flagship product, Oxy Blast, is a hydrogen peroxide based product which breaks down to oxygen and water which gets formulated depending what we see on your water report.

One size does not fit all.

A good packing order: oxygen, water then feed. We tend to give much attention to something that costs us tons of money which is feed and we may think water should be free or cheap and therefore don’t give much attention to it. You need oxygen and water to break down nutrients, and transport them into the body. Water is there to hydrate cells, flush the body, temperature control, joint lubrication, and much more. So, if you can improve the quality of your water your animals will know. They never learned to lie. You might think that my water is not so bad and what could we do to improve it from there. We have many customers say that even though their water wasn’t so bad but they still see improvement using our products and protocols.

Well: You may have iron, sulphates (a rotten egg smell) manganese or other contaminants coming from your well. We will recommend to inject Oxy Blast right down the well or in your pump room along with filters or softeners if needed. Bacteria don’t take vacations and a good water treatment should always be in place to keep things disinfected.

Dugout: When water is pumped from a river or irrigation canal into a dugout and the water sits for long periods of time things can get bad here. Aeration is the always recommended to keep the water fresh and it will help with bringing down that stale smell creating more of an aerobic environment causing good bacteria to increase and anaerobic bacteria to decrease. In summer months many dugouts can be challenged with algae growth which causes plugged lines and filters. Cyanobacteria also called Blue-Green algae may produce toxins and taste-and-odor compounds that cause substantial economic and public health concerns. Thousands of dollars are spent every year on products to control algae in dugouts. We use an advanced ultrasound technology to kill algae which is safe for fish and humans, a one time investment. Read more

Water treatment starts at the source and then further purified depending what the water will be used for. We always recommend shocking your well and water lines with Oxy Blast when we start our water treatment which is critical to do and yet it’s very cost effective (usually less than $75!).

We all hope to find a magic bullet in water but there is none.

Water is the most important nutrient that you have control over and is the most consumed nutrient on the farm so the quality of the water can make a significant difference.