Aqusoften Water Softener


The electromagnetic wave action creates a large number of suspension and condensation in the water. When the water is heated, or the pressure (psi) decreases, the calcium (Ca) and magnesium (Mg) plasma in the hard water is absorbed. This action is called crystal nucleation and creates a process that occurs in forming a crystal from the solution. This process begins with another form of calcium carbonate that has a very distinct characteristic to calcite. When the calcium carbonate precipitates as aragonite, it forms a non-adhering harmless insoluble crystal that is either consumed or carried through the system to the drain. This process prevents scaling by not adhering to the surface of plumbing, heaters, industrial coolers, or other equipment. The existing scale will gradually dissolve in the water.

Scale Thickness Heat exchange rate Heat loss Electricity consumption percentage
0 mm 92.77 0% 0%
0.3 mm 73.68 21% 10%
0.6 mm 61.12 34% 20%
0.9 mm 52.20 44% 31%
1.2 mm 45.60 56% 42%
1.6 mm 39.52 57% 53%

Benefits over traditional water softening systems:

  • No need to cut plumbing
  • Easy installation: just place it around your pipe
  • No maintenance: no salt to refill, just plug it in
  • Works with many plumbing materials: iron, copper, stainless steel, galvanized iron, PVC, pe-x, and any composite plumbing material
  • Wide range of sizes: anywhere from 1.5″ to 18″


Our 180,000 BTU boiler in the dairy barn has been in service for 6 years and we had to cleanout the boiler every 4 months by manually removing and washing out scale. The boiler normally would last about 8 years. 2 months after the Aqua-softener was installed before the boiler the scale started to loosen up and fell to the bottom of the boiler. In 6 months the heating pipes were all clean and it left about 4” of debris on the bottom and then we removed the debris. After this was cleaned out we had to turn the heat down from 170 F to 150F as the pressure relief was going off. Before the Aqua-softener was installed we had issues with bacteria in the milk at 150F and so the boiler was turned up to 170F. Now with the Aqua-softener installed and the temp set back at 150F the bacteria count has not gone back up. The cleaning chemicals seem to work better. We are working on upgrading our main water treatment system in our pumphouse and plan to install an Aqua-softener there too. — Joey Wurz, Carmangay Colony, Alberta


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