I grew up on a farm in Belize where we had a cow calf to finish ranch, a few dairy cows, farmed corn and beans, and broiler breeder laying hens. Much of my time was spent in the poultry barns. I remember how my dad would raise up beautiful pullet flocks but after they came into production many times they would crash in their health and production. This would happen over and over. We were on a water source coming from a river which we all thought was good water. We discovered most livestock did better on the river water than what they did on pond/dugout water.

I entered the corporate world managing a hardware store for my uncle for about 10 years and after that we, as a family, started our own small business and soon after that we started our poultry farm. In 2011 we started with laying hens and then in 2012 we started with broilers. We had brand new barns to pay for but it did not take very long until we saw we had to do better than just average in performance and production.

Death loss, growth rates, and feed efficiency are huge factors in any livestock and I saw all this from up close. One of my brothers who had been in the poultry business for much longer than me was talking about how important water was for the birds. Water disinfection and pH were a few of the things. He got in contact with a company called Puroxi Pure Water Global Inc (Puroxi) in British Columbia, Canada who were in the business of treating water specifically for livestock using a hydrogen peroxide based product called Oxy Blast (Puroxi OB) along with acids to control pH and more. I soon paid close attention to water to see if perhaps this could be a reason why my birds lacked in performance and soon got in contact with Puroxi. I got going with their products and protocols and saw immediate improvements. As with most people, I said “well this just might be a coincident,” but this trend continued. Now after about 25 years I saw why my dad had had such challenges in raising his birds since I was on the same water source he had been using all those years. Within a few short months I was asked if I would like to help other farms in the area with water treatment. So Zak Motala came and trained us as a distributor and started to fix water for hogs, dairy, chicken, gardens, and houses.

In 2015 we moved to Alberta and started our water purification business across the province. We are now in all sectors of the agriculture industry.

I like to quote Kenny, our oldest customer: “If all I was interested in is to disinfect my water, I could choose almost any product or company, but if I am interested in the health and performance of my hogs, then there is no one even close to what Puroxi is doing for me”. I have seen this for myself on my own farm.

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