Personal Disinfectant Sprayer


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Lightweight handheld sprayer with easy-to-use continuous electronic trigger is ideal for safely disinfecting the air and all contact surfaces around the home, office, and personal spaces, with an effective spray distance of 6 feet. Broad spectrum: effective on almost all varieties of bacteria, viruses, fungi.

It features a rechargeable battery, with 1 hour continuous working time, before needing to recharge, using a 5v USB charger, or your computer.

Puroxi Organically certified (OMRI) 3% solution can be safely sprayed on foods (produce, meat, etc.) then rinsed. Certifications: EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe). Also available in NSF Certification.

Completely safe and harmless to use around family and pets. The easiest, most effective and affordable way to protect your home and family against infection.

Spray & wipe methods are time consuming, labor intensive and provide inconsistent, uneven coverage, often resulting in cross-contamination! Our electrostatic E-sprayer delivers charged droplets that are actively attracted to surfaces, including the back sides and crevices, regardless of the direction of spray, for complete wrap-around disinfection coverage. Just spray & go!


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